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Discover the keys to setting a successful foundation of growth and learning before entering paramedic or EMT training.

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A Partnership of Two Expert Groups

Now You’re Probably Wondering, What EXACTLY Will I Get Out Of Attending This one day Summit?

Great question, and I’m glad you asked.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover by joining the free Prepare2Pass program:

  • Learn the 80/20 rule for learning faster and retaining more
  • How a mindset-shift can change your approach and your outcome in your career
  • Learn the mindset of a lifelong learner and how you can use drawing to understand some complex ideas of anatomy, pathophysiology, and pharmacokinetics 
  • How to best approach ECGs and learn to read them like a pro
  • Prepare Your Path - How to create and follow a game plan for life.
  • Keys to Succeed in Scenarios and Simulation learning
  • Enhance Your Test Taking Skills
  • Passing your National Registry Exam tips

The Only Reason...

"I don't think I would have passed paramedic school without you, seriously you guys are the only reason I got through!" 

Kate  //  Advanced Care Paramedic

Student Becomes Teacher...

Thanks to you I'm now teaching my classmates about pharmacology! Thank you for making it so easy! 

Talia  //  Paramedic Student


Exclusive Guide for Students: The Top EMS Student Strategies, FREE In This Epic Playbook

Discover what’s working today for paramedic and EMT students to set yourself up for a productive learning environment — and then successfully complete your training!

Featured Expert Speakers

Geoff Murphy

Host & founder of Master Your Medics, Geoff will help guide you through any challenges you're facing in your paramedic education. He's helped tens of thousands of students succeed and pass their EMT, Paramedic, & Advanced care classes or certifications. 

Ginger Locke, BA, NRP

Ginger is an associate professor of EMS Professions at Austin Community College in Texas and the host of Medic Mindset, a phenomenal podcast that has a global reach helping paramedics think and act.

Peter DeWitt, Ed.D

Peter is a renowned author, global speaker, and expert leadership educator who helps educators improve their learning environment by creating practice out of theory. He has been featured on PBS, NBC, ABCNews.com and is excited to help our EMS industry thrive despite current conditions we are all facing.

Amy Richardson

A paramedic veteran of over 14 years, Amy has developed a 6th sense when it comes to proactive patient care. Amy also has mastered the skills of test taking, combined with her years of clinical experience she is ready to help other paramedic students from around the world.

Peter Bonadonna

After teaching paramedic students for over 30 years at Erie Community College in upstate NY, Peter is known by his students as one who always pushes the cutting edge of prehospital care. Teaching paramedic ultrasound YEARS before anyone else in our field, Peter will share his experience of helping over 1,000+ paramedic students excel in their careers, saving countless lives.

Kasey Jo Weigley, FP-C

As a flight paramedic, and pilot herself, Kasey Jo is a Senior Educator at Master Your Medics and served as training captain in Washington State for over 7+ years. Kasey Jo will share her secrets for successfully preparing to pass your National Registry Exam after helping MANY others go through this nerve-wracking experience.

David Klein

David is an Advanced Care Paramedic, instructor, podcast host, and author. With over 20 years experience in presenting electrocardiography, he will have you depolarizing right out of your seat and leave you feeling positively charged about ECG education.  

Lisa Giruzzi

Lisa is a best-selling author, result-producing coach & an award-winning trainer with more than twenty-five years’ experience helping individuals and organizations to be more successful and achieve their goals. She specializes in causing breakthrough results for her clients by giving them access to a whole new level of power and performance.

Robbie MacCue, FP-C, MBA

Robbie is the co-founder of the EMS Leadership Academy and passionate advocate for advancing the prehospital profession around the globe. With a background in IT & graduate degree in healthcare leadership, he will share his passion for helping others as you set out on your own unique path.

Kevin Travis

Kevin is a Critical Care paramedic with an integrated Fire EMS service in Colorado. Kevin has a passion for growing our new generation of Paramedics and will be showing you his best tips on how to have a successful practicum. 

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  • You could sign up for Prepare2Pass today and get real insights from the top prehospital experts and a step-by-step guide to learning and excelling in your program. You are investing your time and money into an education, we want to make sure you get it right.

If you’re looking for your average, run-of-the-mill virtual summit, you’ve come to the wrong place.

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Geoff Murphy

Hi, I’m Geoff -- Your host for the Prepare2Pass one day virtual conference. I'm the founder of Master Your Medics where our team helps thousands of students every month in their quest to the finish line of paramedic school.

Our team is known for helping take complex systems and breaking them down into easy to understand concepts.

My mission is to help you prepare for school as you embark on this great journey towards helping others.

If you are ready to put in the work, we're here to show you the way.

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Robbie MacCue & Lisa Girzzui

Hi, I’m Robbie - Your co-host for the Prepare2Pass one day virtual conference. I'm the founder of EMS Leadership Academy, along with Lisa Giruzzi, where we help thousands of EMS providers and organizations from around the world develop their leadership skills.

Our mission is to have a positive global impact on EMS organizations. That's why we're excited to team up with the Master Your Medics group and promote clinical education and a foundation of leadership as you build your career path!

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